Omega creeper

Every garage needs a great creeper. If there’s any kind of wrenching that’s gonna take place in there you’ll want something to help make the job easier.

From oil changes to clutch replacements, having a creeper to roll around on surely beats laying on my back on the cold garage floor or out in the driveway

My wife, as I love her so much, was awesome in yet another way last year and for my birthday she got me a new creeper.

I happily welcomed it into my garage and quickly got rid of the old one that I had bought a couple years earlier for about $30 from Harbor Freight. That one only lasted about a month before it started jettisoning wheels, its plastic frame buckling under my sexy bod, even though I’m not approaching it’s advertised 300-lb weight capacity.

The new creeper is a much higher-quality piece made by Omega. It has a heavy-duty metal frame and serious casters. The weight rating is a hefty 450 lbs, so I can even grow outward a bunch more and still keep using it!

On top of all that, it can fold into a chair or a low-profile wheeled platform with a high back. Plus, it is padded for comfort. The versatility of the Omega creeper makes it much more comfortable when the job sends me under a car.

My impressions on it so far … Easy to put together, a bit heavy but solid-feeling, I love it.

An awesome addition to our garage. You can find one for yourself on Amazon and have it delivered right to your door, like we did.

Comment below with your thoughts on this, and if you happen to have one of these Omega creepers, share your experience with it!

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