Motor Oil

Every time I see a discussion about motor oil, which weight or which brand is best, that discussion always seems to get heated.

Every man or woman that does their own wrenching has a favorite. Sometimes it’s because they’ve been using a particular brand a long time. Or maybe they saw some advertising that they thoroughly trusted and now that’s the only brand they’ll use.

Challenges selecting motor oil

Car manufacturers certainly aren’t helping. They keep changing their recommendations, going to thinner and thinner oils.

A few years ago the most popular weights you’d see were 10w30 or 10w40. These days you almost never see those numbers together anymore. You’ve got 5w20, 0w40, 0w20, and all kinds of other "odd" combinations.

My truck takes 5w30 and it asks for synthetic blend. I step it up a notch and I use 5w30 full synthetic oil in it. I do the same with the wife’s daily driver.

Our fun cars, the Mustangs, require 5w50 full synthetic oil. Only 2-3 oil manufacturers even make a 5W50 that meets Ford’s specification.

Why Amsoil

Ford’s Motorcraft oil is a decent option, but in tests I’ve seen, it quickly shears down to a 40-weight viscosity, basically becoming a 5w40. Once I found this out, I started looking for better options.

Again turning to online research, I found that the Amsoil oil was testing out to be superior to just about everything else it was compared against. As soon as they started offering a full synthetic 5w50 option, I was a customer.

I started buying "in bulk" in order to have enough on hand to do 2-3 oil/filter changes for each car. The Mustangs get Amsoil 5w50, the daily drivers get Amsoil 5w30.

Benefits to using Amsoil

Our cars are running great! I’ve collected a couple of used-oil samples since I switched to Amsoil, and sent them out for analysis. Tests came back glowing with praise for the low wear the used oil showed and the great condition of the oil even after 5-6,000 miles of usage

So now I have my own favorite oil brand, and it’s Amsoil.

I became such a happy customer, I ended up signing up as an Independent Dealer for Amsoil products!

If you’re reading this and want to find out first-hand about Amsoil’s superior quality, contact me and I can put together a quote for you. You can use the email address

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