Fun times during car maintenance

Changing the oil and oil filter in one of the cars is usually a pretty easy task. I put the car up on jack stands, drain the oil, replace the oil filter, reinstall drain plug, and add oil. Done.

Well, I recently did the oil change in my Mustang, getting it ready for the 2018 driving season.
We don’t drive the Mustangs during the winter since they have drag radials on the back and those tires don’t do very well in the snow, hahaha.

I had my fresh Amsoil 5w50 oil and a new Amsoil filter ready. I had drained the oil and re-installed the drain plug, and was starting to remove the oil filter.

Ford was nice enough to really not put that filter in a great spot. There are chassis braces under it, which get coated in oil during the filter swap, and they’re IN THE WAY when it comes time to remove that filter. But I always persevere, so I started unscrewing the filter. As it was getting loose, oil starts leaking down the side of it. Now this is normal so I let it drain in the bucket I was using and I continue to carefully unscrew it. It was getting extremely slippery and oil was now sliding down my latex-glove-covered hand. I can barely hold the thing up anymore without it slipping out of my hand and into the bucket that has about 2 gallons of used oil in it by now.

I get the filter loose, and I start tipping it so I can drain it out into the bucket. And that’s when it happened. The filter slipped out of my well-lubed gloved hand and into the black liquid abyss that my used-oil bucket had turned into by now.

The retrieval was fun. I can only say I was very glad I was wearing latex gloves.

Of course I made a video of it, cuz why not? Gotta laugh at your own mistakes, right?

Comment below with some of your mishaps, I’m sure some of you have some good ones!

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